Katrina Lake, Director of Recruit Holdings on Bloomberg TV


Katrina Lake officially became Director of Recruit Holdings in May 2023, bringing AI leadership and entrepreneurial experience into our boardroom. She was the youngest female Founder/CEO to take a company public when she took Stitch Fix public on the NASDAQ in 2017. Watch Katrina speaking to Bloomberg TV about what brought her to accept the position and what she envisions adding to Recruit Holdings📺 “I'm really excited about being able to contribute to Recruit in a way of bringing some of my experiences from Stitch Fix. [...] I think there's a lot of really interesting analogies in terms of being in the business of matching. At Stitch Fix, we are matching people with apparel. At Recruit, they are matching people with jobs. I think that's a really kind of compelling, interesting space where using data science and humans together.” “Being in the business of matching, like Stitch Fix, there's also a role to be able to use the data to be able to make that connection between the human and the data to make that stronger. At Stitch Fix, we use insights to be able to help our stylists to be better. At Recruit, there's lots of wonderful humans that are part of the matching process of helping people to find great jobs. There's ways that you can leverage data to be able to make those people more effective, more efficient, and to be better at matching. I think there's a lot of interesting intersections as we think about the role of AI in Recruit’s business longer term.” #KatrinaLake #IndependentDirector #MatchingTechnology #AI #Entrepreneurship

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